Used Naish Fusion Control System

By Naish

Used 55cm bar in good condition 


Available with 24m flying lines.

  • NEW Lightweight Smart Loop with below-the-bar trim adjustment
  • NEW Bar End Technology - Adjustable Bar Width: 18”- 20” (45-51cm)
  • NEW Double Density EVA with Memory Core
  • NEW Replaceable Bar Center
  • NEW Heavy-duty safety leash with quick release
  • Low-V swivel front line connection

Fusion Bar Technology

Titanium Screws
for quick disassembly and replacement with universal key

Replaceable Nylatron insert
dramatically reduces friction and wear on the trim line

Anodized aluminum bar center
for structural strength and impact resistance from the Smart Loop

Color-coded, Double Density EVA with Memory Core
for comfortable, ergonomic grip

Fusion Bar End Technology

Bar/Line Adjuster
allows rider to fine tune bar width and line lengths while avoiding the use of knots.

Retractable Line-retaining Bungee
for streamlined design

EVA Molded Floaters
with flex in key areas for reduced interaction with steering lines

Leash Technology

Quick Release
designed for easy operation and reload

Surface Treated, Stainless Steel Parts
for corrosion resistance

Heavy Duty Stretchable Webbing

Surface Treated, Stainless Steel Carabiner
with large radial opening