FixMyKite Tuff Strut Kite Bladders

$21.95 $25.95


FixMyKite Tuff Strut Bladders are different from any other bladder on the market. Over 2x as durable, these bladders have been specifically developed to withstand the abuse of kiteboarding for a long period of time. Repair your leaking kitesurf bladder properly with the industry leading FixMyKite Bladders. The key characteristic of our bladders compared to others is stretch! While other bladders on the market and in some cases even those that come with your kite originally are stiff, pop easily and expected to fail after a heavy season of kiting our Tuff Bladders are made to stretch to the demands of your kite and go the distance. When FixMyKite Tuff Bladders are put under stress they stretch then quickly go back to their original shape. Use FixMyKite Tuff Bladders in any inflatable kiteboarding kite when you want the toughest, most durable bladder available.

Multiple brands sold in Australia are now using FixMyKite Tuff Bladders as their choice for customer repairs and warranty replacements on their kites. Fix it once, fix it right, use a FixMyKite Tuff Bladder.