Stormsure Tuff Tape 10M Roll


Tuff Tape repairs nearly anything that's ripped, torn, leaks water or low pressure air and requires a flexible repair. Perfect for kite bladders, tents, awnings, canopies, sails, air beds, inflatable toys, cracked buckets, truck curtains and thousands more applications. It works on Nylon, Vinyl, Canvas, Rubber, Ripstop, Mylar and a heap of other surfaces. The Translucent finish means when applied it will match the colour of the surface it's applied to reducing the visibility of the repair.

Tuff Tape is 0.2mm thick, stretchy and flexible. It will stick to virtually any material (except sillicone) and is easy to cut in to shape and apply.

Clean the surface, allow it to try then peel the paper backing and apply in to position. It's that easy! If you're in an incredibly cold environment you can add a little bit of heat with a heat gun or hair dryer to warm it slightly and then rub it to help the tape's adhesive really lock on to the surface of the fabric.

10M x 7.5CM ROLL