S27 Naish Torque 2+ Control System

$790.00 $929.00
By Naish


Naish has reimagined how riders connect to their kite. The Torque 2 bar takes the proven design of the original version and refines it with new grips and floaters, new PU-coated trim lines which feel smoother on your hands and reduce wear, a new slimmer one-piece trim cleat, and a new stopper ball to limit release throw.

The safety system is a massive jump forward in quick-release technology. Starting with a shortened overall length, the release stroke has been increased and the release collar has a more ergonomic shape, making it virtually impossible to accidentally release. When you do decide to release, it’s easy to re-connect the loop — just click it together like a seat belt so you can quickly put your kite back together in the water instead of swimming home. 

Leash Included

Line System:

  • PU-Sheathed Trim Lines = Plastic tubes are smoother on your hands, and smoother on the bar 
  • 1-Piece Cleat = New thinner, lighter, more serviceable cleat assembly, with Velcro faces for the trim adjuster 
  • TLS400 Flying Lines = Industry-leading strength, with reduced diameter for lower wind drag and water drag standard 22+2 m configuration.
  • Simple Line Organizer = Proven smooth stainless line organizer with anodized aluminum flagging line stopper
  • External Flagging Line = Easily inspected and easily replaced external design
  • Flagging Line Stopper Ball = Limits the throw of the bar during release, to make reassembly easier 

Torque 2 Bar Technology:

  • Flex-Float = All-new floater design with an integrated flex section to reduce steering interference.
  • Dual Density EVA Grip with Memory Core = Double EVA over a memory-foam core for a comfortable non-slip grip 
  • Adjustable Width = Plastic inserts allow 5 cm total adjustment of width between lines
  • Hard Anodized Center Insert = Improved surface hardness to reduce wear