S27 NAISH Mach-1 Front Wings

By Naish

Foil Type

The new MACH 1 foil range brings a new level of speed and control to wing foiling while doubling down as kite and surf foils as well.

Born from the blistering speed of the Wind/Wing HA 914, the Mach 1 series are designed with thin, very stable and slippery foil sections. While focusing on top speed they offer a surprisingly wide range, good glide and low stall speed. Take off is relatively easy as long as they are ridden powered. Especially for advanced wing-foilers the Mach 1 will be a front wing option that will likely provide all you need regardless of what kind of riding you are doing, whether flat water blasting, racing, jumping or carving in the surf.

Front Wing Aspect Ratio Wingspan Projected Surface Area Stabilizer Fuselage
Mach 1 550 7.7 25.6"/65 cm 85.3 in²/550 cm² Jet HA 220 Standard
Mach 1 700 7.6 28.7"/72.9 cm 108.5 in²/700 cm² Jet HA 220 Standard
Mach 1 900 7.6 31.5"/80 cm 139.5 in²/900 cm² Jet HA 220 Standard
Mach 1 1100 7.6 35"/88.9 cm 170.5 in²/1100 cm² Jet HA 220 Standard