S26 NAISH MA Front Wings

$649.00 $809.00

Foil Type

The all-new MA Foil design marries the proven DNA of the successful Naish HA series with a medium aspect ratio ('MA') planform. The reduced span results in faster, more responsive turning while the global geometry delivers the perfect balance of early takeoff, roll stability, and pitch control at speed. The truncated wingtip concept provides the maximum possible glide for the reduced span, making manoeuvres effortless while significantly reducing drag for higher top speeds — the bluntness of the tip is also an important safety feature. The result is a foil that is both easy to ride and yet offers top performance for riders pushing the limits with jumping and manoeuvres. 

Front Wing Aspect Ratio Wingspan Projected Surface Area Stabilizer Fuselage
Jet MA 850 4.4 24"/61 cm 131.7 in²/850 cm² Jet HA 220 64 cm
Jet MA 1000 4.4 26.1"/66.2 cm 155 in²/1000 cm² Jet HA 220 64 cm
Jet MA 1200 4.4 28.7"/72.8 cm 186 in²/1200 cm² Jet HA 280 64 cm
Jet MA 1600 4.1 32"/81.2 cm 248 in²/1600 cm² Jet HA 280 64 cm
Jet MA 2000 4.4 37"/94 cm 310 in²/2000 cm² Jet HA 310 64 cm