Revolution Blast


Revolution Blast If you want to live a whole new kite flying experience you have to get a hold of the new Rev "BLAST". The power and speed developed by our 9.5' leading edge supported with four extra length verticals will absolutely amaze you! The graphite wrapped stainless steel handles complete your experience. The performance of this kite is sensational. Fast, stable, powerful, excellent sliding, good "edge" control (edge of wind window). Combining the control & stability of a 1.5 SLE with the power and performance of the Speed Series results in the Blast. Kite comes complete with Handles and manual.

Lines are sold seperately. Recommended 150lb

Wind Range: 3-25+ mph  Wing Span: 115"  Frame: 3-wrap w/ 7/16" Super Leading Edge 

Your new Blast kite will come built with the standard SLE (7/16”) 3-piece leading edge. Great for your power flying days.