Private Kitesurf lesson in Brisbane for 2 Students (2 Hours)


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The best way to get started in Kitesurfing.  Here at BrisKites we create kiteboarders, now in our 14th year of operation we have created more kiteboarders than all the other schools combined!!  Unlike other "kite schools" we are genuinely interested in not just giving you a lesson, never to be seen again. We will always be there to assist and advise. Whatever it takes to help you on the way to becoming a successful kiteboarder.

Book online or in store today. Our training programs are customised to give each individual student the skills to become an independent kiteboarder with the confidence to handle a variety of situations and conditions. Briskites specialises in getting you on the water quickly, enjoyably and safely - all of our instructors are skilled professionals, dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to master the sport of kiteboarding.
When learning with BrisKites you will recieve the best kiteboarding instruction available in Brisbane. 

Benefits for you-

Brisbanes longest running kite school.We are Brisbanes most respected  kite school.

A structured training program developed over 16 years

We use the latest equipment from some of the most reliable brands in kitesurfing

Highly experienced and qualified instructors, backed up by the BrisKites team.

Confidence in knowing we have a 100% safety record

We have qualified International and Kiteboarding Australia instructors on staff, just ask.


Lesson structure- A good understanding of the wind, strength and direction is paramount to the sport. Many of you will come from other wind or water sports so this will be easy for you. Some may never have been involved in wind sports at all – no matter, we all start from the basics ensuring a thorough knowledge our environment.  Then you will have a hands on session with a power kite on dry land. You will explore the kite’s abilities and performance, where the kite flies best, where the kite’s power is best – all essential for the safe control of a modern high performance kite surf kite. Then you will learn about the different types of Kites, how to rig them up and conduct your checks. Rigging your kite correctly is an essential step in safe kitesurfing. Once rigged up your instructor will demonstrate the correct techniques and signals for safely launching your kite. Now it's time to hit the water! Your instructor will fly the kite until you are in the water and far enough from obstacles. Then you will be taken through a series of skills and techniques as follows-    - Kite control - Water Relaunch - Operating the kites safety systems - Producing power with your kite - Body Dragging through the water - Gaining Ground or "upwind body dragging" Time to head back to shore and cover landing and securing your kite. Then if time permits the instructor will show you how to pack your equipment away and explain basic care of your gear. What you need to bring: Towel Sunglasses, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water Wetsuit if you wish but not required. What we provide: The latest Kites Harness Board Helmet and vest (if requested) Cancellation Policy: We require at least 24 hours notice to re-schedule a lesson.  Often lessons will need to be re-scheduled due to unsuitable weather conditions. If you require more than 1 hour notice for cancellations please let us know. All lesson payments and vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase Lessons are only run from 12knt to a maximum of 28knt depending on the weight and kite experience of the student.   Book online, by phone or in store today.   Terms and Conditions- -Lesson vouchers are valid for 8 months only. -Lessons are conducted from 1st September through to 1st May. -Booking changes and cancellations require 48hrs notice. Any changes within this period will incur a $50 fee -Lessons are weather dependant and we reserve the right to postpone lessons due to lack of wind or dangerous conditions.  Lesson 2-   Now that you have had your first experience in handling a kitesurf kite and have some confidence and knowledge, it's time to move on to board riding. This lesson can be done with our equipment or yours if you wish. If using your equipment it will need to be deemed safe and suitable by your instructor on the day. We are happy to start you off at this lesson with us if you can provide evidence of previous lessons either with us or elsewhere.   STEP 1:  This step is basically revision of your first lesson. You must be competent in all aspects of your first lesson before advancing. We understand that each student learns at a different rate, so we wont move on until your ready. First you must set up a 4 or 5 line kite without assistance. Then launch the kite with an assistant from land.  Then you hit the water and continue with bodydrag practice until able to gain ground whilst flying the kite one handed. STEP 2:  Now we move on to some more advanced techniques. You will be taught the theory and techniques required to get up on the board. How to recover your board in deep water and place your feet in the straps whilst maintaining control of your kite. STEP 3:  Now you will attempt to ride the board. Your instructor will provide demonstrations and give you tips on-  Body position,   Board control,   Direction to the wind,   Kite placement,  Speed control,  Stopping and  Trimming of your kite Once your water time is up you will be required to land the kite at the beach with an assistant.