Prism Flip Kite


A truly unique kiting experience awaits with our eye-catching new Flip Kite. Based on a patent-pending design by Steve Wingert, the Flip's rotor spins its way through the atmosphere. Like a kaleidoscope in motion, the vivid graphics blend and blur, creating colors and patterns that can only be seen while it spins. Rotors are one of the eight basic kite forms, yet few have flown or even seen one. Rotors fly by spinning with the wind, achieving lift via the Magnus Effect. As the kite flies, you’ll feel a pulsing at the end of your line while it spins above you like a mysterious, wind powered machine. It's easy to fly in a wide range of wind speeds, and the vertical ring acts like a stabilizing gyroscope making it rock-steady even in gusty winds. The magic of this unusual little kite will bring a smile to your face and stares of amazement wherever you fly. • No assembly needed, folds flat for easy transport • Eye-catching graphics come alive as it spins • Incredibly stable even in gusty winds • Super easy to fly     SPECS Flip skill level Beginner - Intermediate wing span 22.5 in (57 cm) wind range 6 - 25 mph (9.5 - 40 kmh) pull light frame Pultruded carbon, fiberglass sail ripstop polyester flying lines 200' x 20 lbs dacron SETUP'S A SNAP! Flight-ready in seconds—just flip the stabilizing ring from flat to vertical and you're ready to go.