Ozone Right Angle Valve (Mega)


Ozone 90 Degree One Pump Valve by FixMyKite is the perfect 'Self-Stick' replacement for leaking Ozone kite valves. This is the valve used on Ozone 2014+ model kites and can be installed in under 5 minutes.


Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair, or stick it on any new bladder.  Specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable and will stick on any bladder material or color. The Slingshot style One Pump Self-Stick-Valve will fit any standard One Pump system. 


Introducing the MEGA-PATCH with 77% more Tear-Aid!  Perfect for when you need to cut away your old valves or when you get a split in the bladder at the base of the existing valve. The Mega-Patch eliminates the need to use an additional bladder patch before attaching your FixMyKite Self-Stick valve. 


*In cold environments the valve adhesive will become non tacky. Please stick valves on in temperatures above 20Deg Celcius. If required the valve can be warmed in the hand or lightly heated with a hair dryer.