North Skipper SUP Inflatable Package

$699.00 $1,729.00


The Skipper boards are for the captains aboard! The long narrow outline of these boards is ideal for advanced touring, recreational racing on a lake or flat water, or simply as a high cadence fitness tool. An ideal board for getting out and exploring in calm conditions, but you still need to be in shape for when the wind picks up. The very stiff and light woven fusion material is further supported by two carbon deck & bottom stringers, ensuring that each paddle stroke is transformed directly into forward speed.

INCLUDES: Leash, fin, pump, transport bag, repair kit
-: Carbon Stringers, Deck and Bottom
-: 9' Touring Fin, US Box
-: Skipper HP6 Pump
-: 1/2 EVA Deck Pad
-: Front Go Pro/M8 Insert
-: Rope Loop attachment points