North SCOOP/SONAR Foil Package Deal


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Package includes North Scoop Board 2022 + North Sonar Kite edition 2021 with 85cm mast + your choice of front wing. 

Scoop Board

Be blown away by the riding experience of this direct and responsive board with instant touchdown recovery. The Scoop allows you to connect through the intuitive concave deck for stable smooth transitions and easy steering, and delivers high performance foiling with a lightweight reinforced EPS core. In 2021 we’ve introduced a new ultra-lightweight yet durable hybrid carbon construction for increased stiffness, manoeuvrability and glide. A high-density structural PVC stringer system helps spread the load, while an ultra-lightweight double bamboo reinforcement layer adds greater impact resistance and rigidity. Touchdown recovery with new Deep-V bottom contours and bevelled rails, so it releases faster without sticking. The Scoop is your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance foil missions or an after work sundowner, and a trusted platform for strapped big wave tow-foiling – from Pe’ahi to your local 2ft beach break.


120 x 46cm or 135x49cm

Includes- Board with deckpad and T-Nuts with screws.

*Footstraps sold seperately 

Sonar Foil

Kite foil in comfort and control, making use of the fully interchangeable Sonar Foil System to extend your playtime on the water. Engineered to last, with exceptional strength to weight ratio, and our unique GeoLock system delivers a clean, direct feel with minimum resistance through the water.

The AK85cm mast setup performs across all disciplines and offers you more ride height to clear waves or to heel over for tighter turns and cranking upwind. It is also more forgiving in rougher conditions. Simply choose the Sonar Front Wing best suited to your needs to complete your setup

Front Wings