North Pace Tour SUP Inflatable Package

$589.00 $1,339.00


The Pace range of SUP boards comes in a variety of shapes ranging from entry-level cruising to touring oriented designs. With lighter and stiffer woven fusion material, combined with deck and bottom PVC stringers, The Pace Tour Board is a step up in terms of performance, allowing you to paddle further and faster, in a wide range of conditions. Choose the board that best suits your needs and tour the water with ease.

INCLUDES: Paddle, leash, fin, pump, transport bag, repair kit
-: Pace Tour 180-220 cm Paddle
-: 9' Touring Fin, US Box
-: Pace HP2 Pump
-: Front Go Pro/M8 Insert
-: Rope Loop attachment points
-: 4 Point Elastic Deck Rigging At Front