North Nova Pro Wing


Wing size

The Nova Pro, with our industry-first ShiftLock Modular Track Mounting system and Carbon UDi Technology, is for riders ready to crank it up a level. Riders who are bored of mowing the lawns; riders who just want to be out there carving lines in endless ocean swells, boosting or freestylin’. Designed to ignite your creativity and your desire to progress, the Nova Pro is light in your hands and efficient upwind. Its advanced materials, tighter canopy and balanced tensioning provide perfect shape-hold in the upper wind range and improved light wind performance - for the best of both worlds.

Wing, Wrist Wing Leash, Bag, Repair Kit, Sonar T40 Tool. IMPORTANT: ShiftLock Handles sold separately.

The Nova Pro features our high-tensile N-Weave45 material in the strut and the LE centre segment, for stiffness where you need it.
A stiffer canopy is essential because the loading increases with the more rigid airframe. The Nova Pro features our stiffer MATRIX canopy in the high-load areas, while in the front, 1/3 of the canopy is a lighter-weight N-HTRS canopy material. Matrix is a high-performance stretch-resistant wing canopy material specifically designed to handle the higher loads of the N-Weave45 airframe. Compared to a traditional canopy, Matrix is 2.5x stronger in the 0/90deg warp/weft direction and 5x stronger in the 45deg bias direction. The stronger material gives your wing canopy greater structural integrity for longer, so it can maintain its designed shape over time, especially in overpowered conditions.
Light and precise handling
To counteract the greater canopy and frame stiffness and to ensure the wing remains stable at the top end, we’ve tapered the leading-edge diameter toward the wing tips.
Making the wing feel smooth to ride with a forgiving angle of attack, the curvature in the profile section ensures a smooth laminar flow attachment from the LE to the TE (no turbulence)– so the wing retains nose positive lift through all angle of attack changes. This means fewer micro-adjustments in your hand positioning and a lighter feel. When you do a tack, it pulls upward and enables you to glide around effortlessly without any tail drop. It also contributes to the Nova Pro’s excellent loft and hangtime.