North Free-Lo V Foil Strap Set


A comfortable low-profile, super lightweight strap set with a V-shaped double front strap. The Free-V Lo allow you to ride offline on both tacks in a more natural stance, resulting in less fatigue in your front knee compared to a centreline stance. They also provide a flexible tactile reference for easier foot positioning, take-offs and fine-trimming of the foil.

INCLUDES: 1x Low-profile Foot Strap, 1x V-shaped Low-profile Foot Strap, 15x 6.3x25mm Screws, 4x Free-Lo Strap Washers, 1x Free-Lo 45deg Strap Washer
-: Flexible low profile
-: V-shaped double front strap
-: Dual density
-: Watertight
-: Effective load distribution 
-: Micro-adjustment