Naish Wing-Surfer ADX Nvision

By Naish


Introducing the premium version of the ADX, the Wing-Surfer ADX NVision, it is significantly lighter and dramatically more rigid, resulting in a more direct feel and higher pump efficiency.

Built to cater to the needs of riders who demand nothing but the best, the ADX NVision

boasts a cutting-edge Helium Frame construction that utilises 82 gsm Aluula, making it

extremely lightweight and stiff without compromising durability.

With a sleek and stylish design that embodies the signature ADX feel, this high-end wing is

the epitome of performance and precision. Its dual “luff panel” locks the shape of the wing in

place, providing maximum draft stability in a wide wind range. The 50D Nano ripstop canopy,

renowned for its low-stretch and tear-resistant features, ensures the ADX NVision is built to

handle even the most intense conditions.

The real game-changer is the Aluula construction. The material characteristics and strength of

Aluula allow for a lighter-weight construction for the LE and strut, which reduces the overall

weight of the wing while still increasing the stiffness making the ADX NVision incredibly

nimble and responsive. The ADX Nvision incorporates a lighter-weight composite handle

design, bringing the overall wing weight down even further. The culmination of these

technical features results in a wing that gives riders the ultimate sense of control, ef  ciency,

and con  dence out on the water.


Helium Frame: Stiff and light construction using 82 gsm Aluula Leading Edge and Strut

Dual “Luff Panel” Design: Provides maximum draft stability

High Aspect Geometry: Giving maximum power efficiency 

Optimised X-ply Window Design: The lightweight X-ply multi-window design provides

visibility where it is needed most

High V Dihedral Integrated Structure: Increased dihedral provides optimised riding balance

Ergonomic Curved Strut: Optimised for hand position, making it easier to sheet in

Composite Rigid Handle Design: Drop shape handle design gives maximum efficiency and


Maximum Pumping Efficiency: The direct feel of the wing translates into optimized pumping

ef  ciency

Optimised Power Delivery: Provides ultimate low-end power and is highly responsive

Optimised Canopy Tension: Increases power delivery and provides a direct feel

Leading Edge Center Grab Handle: With Rubber Inlay Grip Stripes for comfort & Neoprene

Patch protects the hand when   agging the wing on a downwinder or while wave riding

Leading Edge Anti-Abrasion Aluula Patches: Provides abrasion resistance & durability without

excess weight

Bladder Lock: Secures bladder ends & prevents slippage

One-Point Inflation System: Streamlined SureLock valve, 8mm Hose for easy inflation, and

added Strut Dump Valve for quick deflation

HT Plus Seam: This high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge along the seam

Spectra Leash: Comfortable & secure wing-to-rider connection

Mini-Battens: Molded mini-battens stabilise the trailing edge


Integrated Vent System: Allows the wing to dry while in the bag

Shoulder Straps with Foil Carry Protection: Carry your foil on your shoulder using the wing bag

shoulder protection feature

Easy Zippered Access: Allows for easy access and transport

Integrated Pump Storage: Easily transport all gear in one bag