2024 Naish Kite Foil Semi Complete

By Naish

Wing Size

Naish 2024 Kite Foil - Semi Complete Foil

The Naish kite foil range offers something for riders of every ability level. From novice to expert, everyone can benefit from the stability, smooth lift, and wide speed range that these foils provide. At the heart of the design is a medium aspect ratio delta planform with washed-out wingtips. This combination not only creates low-speed lift and balance but also provides an increased amount of lift as speed increases, pushing the lift toward the center of the foil for added control. This makes for a very versatile range that allows riders to excel no matter what level they?re at. The 980 front wing has been designed as an entry-level option but will still deliver top performance throughout your entire time kiting on foils. It has a broad wind range, making it an ideal choice for beginners who want to develop their skills more quickly while still having enough scope to continue progressing further down the line. The new 980 has a low-speed smooth take-off and remains surprisingly stable at fast speeds. With its delta shape, transitions between turns are smooth, making it a really good wing from your first transitions to high-end maneuvers. Foilers riding waves will benefit from this stable platform, giving you a predictable feeling to push off confidently. The 980 is a no-brainer, it is a great wing for any rider size or level who wants to unlock the magic of foiling. The 810 Naish Kite Foil is designed to be the ultimate foil for riders who want to take their foiling to the next level. With its powerful delta planform and ultra-low drag anhedral shape, the 810 offers incredible stability and exceptional range in all wind conditions. This makes it easy to take off, even at low speeds, while providing plenty of power when needed. Additionally, thanks to its incredibly low drag coefficient and ability to generate ?apparent wind,? the 810 can be used effectively in light winds where other foils would struggle. The 810 also offers incredible top-end performance that allows for hard turns with full control - allowing users to push their limits with confidence. The 650 Naish Kite Foil is an ideal choice for intermediate-to-advanced riders who want a thrilling ride that combines speed with maneuverability. This wing offers a medium-speed take-off and nearly unlimited top end, so you?ll be able to reach speeds you never thought possible while still being able to carve and ride waves. With its impressive to-end and optimized performance, the 650 Naish Kite Foil can take your kite foiling experience to the top level.

Key Features:
  • Medium aspect ratio - Creates lift and balance at low speeds while remaining stable at high speeds.
  • Delta planform with washed-out wingtips - Provides smooth transitions between turns.
  • Ultra-low drag anhedral shape - Offers incredible stability and exceptional range in all wind conditions.
  • 100% Prepreg 3K Carbon Outer Layer Satin Finish - Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Dual Expansion Core Construction - Molded lightweight layup utilizing UD Carbon and Glass Laminate.  
  • Scarf Joint Connection to Fuselage - Proven and compatible with earlier Naish fuselage models.

Kite Foil Wing Sizes:
  • Kite 650
  • Kite 810
  • Kite 980

You will need to add a mast to complete this foil



  • The Naish alloy mast has been precision-engineered to feature an updated version of the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion that is significantly more robust than its predecessor, with only a slight increase in weight achieved through a result of a new sectional structure that places thicker walls around key buckling points while still holding its original exterior measurements and streamlined profile. Additionally, the mast has been further reinforced with a bonded and screwed board mount composed of two M8 screws and hex bolt for maximum durability. Fastening this mast to the fuselage is done by means of two M8 screws and a molded fuselage connector which also helps protect against corrosion. Included with the setup is a Torx T30 driver which can be used to securely tighten all screw connections.

Aluminum Mast Features:
  • Foam core, aluminum mast extrusion
  • Tripple bridge stringer
  • Screwed and glued mast to board connection
  • Screwed and glued mast to fuselage connection

Carbon 55

  • The Naish C55 monocoque composite mast is an innovative piece of engineering that provides a state-of-the-art combination of affordability and performance. Its advanced construction includes a dual expanding foam core, which helps to reduce the weight significantly without sacrificing any strength or stability. This smaller profile is shared with the C100 mast, allowing for reduced drag during use. The installation of two 12 mm stainless steel inserts into the mast structure, combined with our specially designed molded fuselage connector, has proven to be an effective solution in eliminating corrosion issues and providing a long-term corrosion barrier. The combination of this precision engineering allows the user to enjoy superior performance at an excellent cost-benefit ratio that won?t compromise long-term durability.

Carbon 55 Mast Features:
  • High temperature/high pressure prepreg construction
  • Inner foam core for optimized weight
  • UD inner layer construction combined with 3K outer layer
  • Gloss finish for easy cleaning and keeping an optimized surface without sanding

Carbon 100

  • The new Naish C100 monocoque carbon mast is the pinnacle of cutting-edge engineering and design, offering unparalleled performance benefits. Crafted with a combination of 3K and UD carbon fibers, it provides superior bending and torsional rigidity while achieving a ?direct drive? feel for maximum control. Additionally, its dual expanding foam core allows for an exceptionally light weight build that enhances speed and control while preventing corrosion thanks to the integration of (2) 12 mm stainless steel inserts laminated into the mast structure as well as a molded fuselage connector which serves as a protective barrier against corrosion.

Carbon 100 Mast Features:
  • High temperature/high pressure prepreg construction
  • Inner foam core for optimized weight
  • UD inner layer construction combined with 3K outer layer
  • Gloss finish for easy cleaning and keeping an optimized surface without sanding