Naish Airmax 2 Kite Pump

By Naish

 Are you sick of being let down by a cheap and failing pump? Lost gauges, broken handles and split hoses can be a real pain. Especially when away from your home beach without a backup or another pump to borrow. Introducing the new Naish Airmax pump. Re-designed from the ground up as a user friendly and reliable kite specific pump.  


Features- Built in pressure gauge with protective guard Super heavy duty pump hose that won't split with regular use Intake filter to prevent sand from shortening the life of the pump Ergonomic handles Offset and angled foot blades for easier pumping and hold  New hook on kite leash to suit most kites Large volume for faster inflation The new Naish Airmax, get pumped!!!

Includes nozzle to suit all current Naish, Flysurfer and F-One kites