Mystic Kite Safety Leash Short

$62.00 $62.90
By Mystic

KITE SAFETY LEASH NEOPRENE SAFETY LEASH / SHORT DESCRIPTION This short leash from Mystic has a new look and is made from the best materials. The Mystic Kite Safety leash short is designed for freeride/wave kite surfers who prefer not to have long leash dangling at their feet. Short and compact (45 cm) so that everything stays within reach. The safety leash short comes in five different colors. It has a strong carabiner that you can attach to any bar. The hook is covered with a neoprene layer so that the metal is nicely concealed. A very versatile kite leash with a striking look! Also very suitable for beginners. FEATURES - 45cm length (unstretched)- Soft touch, lightweight material- Compact carabiner- Neoprene carabiner cover- Designed for freeride / wave performance