Kiteaid Sail Repair Kit


Repair any kite sail in under 5 minutes with Kiteaid's revolutionary Thermoplastic Repair Patches. Using Kiteaid Thermoplastic makes an incredibly strong, durable and permanent repair without the need for messy, long-curing glues, fibre patches or sewing needles. It's a fast, permanent, reliable repair and it's translucent which is great for kites with colours and graphics! Use any household iron to apply the patch to your kite! Features: Completely unique from any other product on the market. Made specifically canopy repairs on kites and sails. Easiest product on the market to apply and repair your kite sail. Kiteaid Thermoplastic is heat activated and requires no drying time. No messy glue necessary! Translucent to allow kite colour and graphics to be seen through repair Can be stitched over later on Can be applied using a normal household iron in seconds Package Includes: Sail repair patch (3" x 60") Iron Heat Shields Abrasive Preparation Pads Alcohol Swabs Instructions Sticker Waterproof Case