ION Rival Kite Waist


Harness Size
ION's latest addition to the harness line-up. With a flex index of 4 the Rival is offers a very soft shell. Coming at great value for money, this newcomer has all the tools you need. It is equipped with Kite Knife Mulitool 2.0, comfortable to use PVC Buckles, and an internal flex belt. All mounted around the state of the art Spectre Bar. This one is for everyone. Beginners, intermediates or world champions. Wait what? Yes, correct the Rival is the harness of choice of the likes of Big Air World Champion Andrea Principi.

Key features

Fully_Molded EVA
Complete mold, no water absorption
Inside EVA
EVA on the inside prevents the harness from riding up and rotating.
Spectre Bar
ION‘s latest innovation in spreader bar technology. Incredible flexibility and a slim outline. Including a lightweight aluminium hook.
Light but durable construction combined with a clever mix of materials.