ION Balistic Toes 2.0mm


 The ION Ballistic_Sole is equipped with an extra layer of true ARAMID protection fibres. These fibres are also used in bullet-proof vests for example. Compared to conventional neoprene boots the ION Balllistic_Sole provides superior protection against many sharp mussels, reef, sea urchins, etc. Although like an airbag in a car accident there cannot be a 100% guarantee not to get injured. But the ION Ballistic_Sole surely provides the best combination of protection and flexibility for your foot! – FlatLock stretch seams – Elastic Draw Cord on back side against losing the slipper and to prevent sand coming in – Arch Support_Pad for better stability Sizes: 36/5; 37/6; 38-39/7; 40-41/8L; 42/9; 43-44/10; 45-46/11; 47-48/12