HQ Stratos


Already constant 3 km / h stratus enough to develop a clearly tactile basic pressure. Despite its high stretch, the Stratus for a light-wind all-rounder has good precision and tremendous ability to trick. Many abdominal and back tricks and trick combinations are possible without much acclimation. The strengths of the Stratus are also in the Smooth-Flying, where he scores with a beautiful performance. With enormous ease he glides through the breeze. Even above 20 km / h, he still does not stretch the wings and even one or the other strong gust brings him not yet out of the concept. A kite for wonderfully relaxing hours, not just for the light and balmy days. Wingspan: 185 cm Standing height: 76 cm Sails: ripstop nylonRods: carbon fiber 4 + 5 mm Cord: incl. 25 kp, 2 x 25 m on winder with loops Wind: 1-4 Bft. (3-22 km / h, 2-14 mph) Age: from 14 years