HQ Little Arrow - Stunt Kite


Little Arrow flies fast, really fast. While flying Little Arrow pilots can go to the limits of their response capacity. Despite his incredible manoeuvrability, Little Arrow flies very precisely. Loops look like a moving circular saw blade and make Little Arrow a challenge for eyes and hands. The start succeeds easily at 2-3 Beaufort, from 4 Beaufort the challenge begins with the pilots´ ability to concentrate. In high winds, this little racer requires strong lines as Little Arrow develops surprising traction for its size. So this kite promises a fast-paced action experience for all pilots who want to push their limits.

With: 118 cm
Height: 43 cm
Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
Frame: Carbon 4 mm
Line: incl., Dyneema 50 kp 2 x 25 m on winder with straps
Wind: 2-8 Bft. (10-74 km/h | 6-46 mph)
Age: +14