HQ Easy Quad


Easy Quad - Quadline Kites, age 12+, 72x162cm, incl. 50kp Dyneema Line, 4x20m

Easy Quad is the affordable entry into the world of quad line flying. Nevertheless, the Easy Quad stands for pure fun and provides a variety of thrilling flying experiences. Forward and backward flights, fast loops, abrupt stops and radical changes of direction - Easy Quad makes it possible at a high level of controllability. Its almost unique shape, cool design and high crash stability give the Easy Quad a special charisma.

Width: 162 cm
Height: 72 cm
Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
Frame: Hybrid 4 mm
Line incl.: Dyneema 40 kp, 4 x 20 m on quad handles
Wind: 2-6 (10-45 km/h l 6-28 mph)
Age: 12+