HQ Buzz


The new HQ Buzz stunt kite captivates through its appearance, ease and size. It appeals to ambitious beginners, who are looking for a predictable and affordable kite. Though it is also the right choice for more advanced pilots, who are not always looking for the wildest tricks and the highest speeds, but just wish to chill out during their leisure time. The Buzz is very forgiving in flight and its fiberglass rods make for a very durable frame. The shape of the Buzz and its sail with modern appearance make the kite look extraordinary attractive and highly elegant in the sky. The HQ Buzz is a great kite for anyone, who is just looking for fun and relaxation. However, at higher wind speeds, power training will still be required, as the forces will then be quite considerable.SpecsWingspan: 218cmHeight: 94cmFrame: 8mm FiberglassSail: Ripstop PolyesterWind Range: 8 - 25 mphLines: 100kg x 30m on winder with straps Carry caseAge 14+