HQ Blendline Lineset 80kg


HQ-Winderset Liros Blendline 80 kp, 2 x 25 m incl. Straps
Winderset Set made of white & red hi-tech lines from Liros / Hamburg. Top quality - made in Germany.
The LIROS Blendline Set is a mix of light-weight dyneema fibers and polyester fibers. In comparison to pure polyester fibers, the Blendline benefits from very little stretch of the dyneema fibers and therefore offers precise and direct control of the kite. Because of the polyester fibers, the line has a slightly larger width than pure dyneema lines. But this helps with the overall handling, especially for beginner pilots. 
Blendline, an inexpensive line for future pro pilots. 
Incl. HQ-Winder Pro Black