HQ4 Alpha Power Kite


Are you looking for an uncomplicated beginner traction kite? We have developed the Alpha just for you. With its robust and forgivingly shaped design we have laid the foundation for maximum safety and control, while maintaining very good power development. All materials were chosen for the tough conditions that a fun beginner kite has to withstand. With all sizes perfectly geared towards a large range of wind conditions.

When you hold the Alpha lines in your hands, you feel immediately at home. In strong winds the kite will challenge you, but the quad line steering always keeps you in direct control. No matter how old you are, the Alpha will always be a fun companion.

· perfect for beginners

· robust materials and workmanship

· high quality Dyneema flying lines

· comprehensive accessories (quad handles, dyneema line set, kite killer safety system, ground stake)

· roomy, stylish shoulder bag