FastLight SURFSUP 2+1


2+1 FASTLIGHT SURF/SUP The NEW 2+1 FASTLIGHT featuring Dimple Technology. Our new FASTLIGHT glass layup is Lighter with a smoother flex pattern. The 6.25 single fin Template has a relaxed rake combined with 6.0 side bites upright template allow for vertical attacks, combined with the Hexcore construction creates a fast, light, high performance fin set up. 3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level. ξFibreglass/Hexcore Construction (Single with FCS or Futures Base Compat.) Surfer Size: ALL Side Fins: Height: 4.56"(116.00mm) Base: 4.34" (110.23mm) Rake: 32 degrees Center Fin: Height: 6.25" Best Board: Medium-Large SUPS, Modern longboards. Best for Waves: Good for Small to medium waves.