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By Duotone

This model suits Trust bar The Iron Heart redefines the benchmark for safety. The light but solid stainless steel and plastic material combination is one of the most reliable safety systems on the market. The release forces are very low by less than 4 kg at a load of 200 kg in a dry and sand free environment. Excellent function is ensured even in wet and sandy conditions with fewer than 7 kg release force at 200 kg. The centrally located Iron Heart IV release grip is large and ergonomic for a fast and good function. It is very easy to find and can be operated either with the right or left hand. The futuristic design prevents the system from jamming and greatly facilitates reassembling. The newest artful functions are: The Roto Head 2011: After spins, the Roto Head offers you a simple and free backrotation of the lines. This ensures to have a constant safety function in all situations. This invention again makes kiting a little bit more comfortable and safe. Safety Function: Delivered with every bar, you have the choice between the standard safety mode and an easy adjustable suicide mode. Attention, just the freeride modus delivers the 100% safety solution! Only experienced riders with special needs should use this option. We recommend to always use the standard safety mode. Riders using the suicide mode must be aware of the consequences and are responsible for occurring damages! Auto positioning Iron Heart IV: Due to its ergonomic design, the Iron Heart IV can be easily hooked in after unhooked tricks. Low friction and a high quality metal hole complete the perfect picture. Flip Flop Chicken Dick: The Flip Flop Chicken Dick is moveable into two positions with a digital on/off modus. Super Easy Reassembling: The easy mechanism, makes it foolproof easy to reassemble the system one handed. Light Weight Construction: The light weight construction is built out of finest selected, durable materials. This special mix of high performance materials fulfils the world’s highest quality standards. IRON HEART IV – still one step ahead.