HQ Arrow XL - Stunt Kite


The Arrow XL leaves no doubt about its purpose - pure power and a high degree of speed. Just like its smaller brother, the Arrow XL pulls dynamically and quickly on precise straights and extreme loops through the wind window. Even gusty winds do not strain the Arrow XL a bit. Flying the Arrow XL is a very special experience and guarantees a fun workout. The size, shape and high-tech look underline the character of this kite, which belongs to experienced hands and requires the pilot‘s respect.
Width: 270 cm
Height: 120 cm
Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
Frame: Carbon 8 + 10 mm
Line: Dyneema100-160 kp, rec. (Not Included)
Wind: 2-6 Bft. (10-45 km/h | 6-28 mph)
Age:+ 18