Carbon Tubes EXEL Cruise


High quality epoxy resin pultruded Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre Tube in a range from 4 to 12mm outsite diameter, larger sizes available on request. Standard lengths 1m and 1.5m Our Carbon Fibre Tube comes in either a pultruded construction, pultruded is a stiff carbon that maintains a degree of flex. 
The primary advantage of using carbon tubes for a project, vs. fiberglass or metal, is its high stiffness to weight ratio. Carbon fibre is stiff and very lightweight, making it ideal for rigid frame construction. There is a degree of flexibility to the carbon depending on diameter (small diameter has a lot more flex than large diameter tube)Pultruded carbon tube, also known as graphite rods or unidirectional carbon fiber tube, are used in many industrial applications and aerospace designs, as well as in hobbies such as RC airplanes and RC sailboats, dual line kites and single line kites, and just about anywhere else you want a stiff, strong rod. 
Cutting Carbon - We recommend the easiest and most cost effective way to cut carbon is with a fine tooth junior hacksaw... wrap the carbon with tape, and score the whole circumference with the blade before cutting all the way through. Also wearing eye protection and a dust mask for safety is a good idea!