2024 North TRACE TT Board

$1,119.00 $1,159.00

Board Size

Light wind? No problem. The Trace has a progressive straight, square outline and large surface area for early planing and upwind performance in the lightest winds. A Centre-V Spine and longitudinal quad channels provide balanced torsional stiffness, superb traction and more control. The progressive medium-low rocker is ideal for flatwater. It also enables phenomenal pop for lightwind tricks and transitions and surprising manoeuvrability for its size. Pair the Trace with our Reach 13/15/17m to maximise your ride time in the lightest of winds. For 2024 all North TwinTips feature the new FlipTech Mounting System, with centreline inserts for added rail longevity.

INCLUDES: Board, TwinTip Accessory Kit
-: Early planing & upwind performance
-: Centre V-Spine and quad channels
-: Phenomenal pop
-: Ideal for use with the 13/15/17m Reach
-: Balanced rocker, outline and flex
-: Hybrid carbon construction




*Ships from warehouse in 2-3 days.