2024 Naish Triad

By Naish


The Triad is for riders who want the ultimate wave kite in all conditions. Its impressive wind range has been enhanced with the Synergy Bridle System, a quick and easy bridal adjustment system that gives riders the freedom to switch between surfboard and twin-tip riding modes. The smooth transition into its squared-off wingtips has been redesigned to increase drift down the line, making it an absolute dream for wave riders. Its new-found agility, coupled with its large wind range, makes maneuvering through tricky sections of waves a breeze. The Triad maintains its easy-to-use sheet-in-and-go performance with its deep draft and luff strut. The “Swift Tip” wingtip design makes the kite stronger and lighter overall. The Triad has been designed with durability and performance in mind, making it your favorite kite for years to come. This multifaceted kite is the complete package, offering intuitive handling, a responsive bar feel, and great surf performance. Get ready to transform your riding with the new Triad!