Mystic Kite HP Leash Long

By Mystic

MYSTIC KITE HP LEASH NEOPRENE SAFETY LEASH / LONG DESCRIPTION Mystic released a new, improved version of the kite leash. This leash has a new, unique look and is made from the best and lightest materials. The Mystic Kite Safety leash is designed for freeride kite surfers who like to have just a little more play. Comes in different colors. It has a double carabiner with a swivel that can handle up to 1100 kg. The Swivel ensures that your leash automatically rotates back. The hook is covered with a neoprene layer so that the metal is nicely covered. A very versatile kite leash with a striking look! FEATURES - 130cm length (unstretched)- Soft touch, lightweight material- Double lock carabiner with swivel (1100kg)- Neoprene carabiner cover- Designed for unhooked / freestyle performance