Rokkaku - Skull & Crossbones

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Specs: Size (W X L): 63 x 78 in. / 160 x 198 cm. Wind Range: 4 ~ 18 mph Fabric: Ripstop Nylon Frame Wrapped Carbon Line Recommended: 150 lb. Test Line   Description: At kite festival all around the world, the traditional Japanese Rokkaku (pronounced "roke-cock-coo") is often flown in exciting aerial battles where opponents try to knock or cut each other out of the sky. For the mellow flier, "Roks" are easy to launch and fly. With very little effort, this ancient warrior will gracefully park above your favourite flying field. So as they say in Japan, go a little "TAKO-KICHI" (Kite crazy) with this Samurai of the sky.