Revolution Supersonic


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  The lighter, more forgiving of the Speed Series, the Supersonic is nevertheless on a par with the Shockwave in speed, agility, precision, and all-around outstanding performance. With a somewhat reduced pull and easier maneuverability, the Supersonic can readily contend with virtually all wind condition challenges. The Supersonic has been clocked at 70 mph, and flies as fast in reverse as the 1.5 SLE flies forwards. That’s an amazing sight! We also introduced a vented version of the Supersonic model for those who enjoy high speed and great control with moderate pull. This is a very smooth, high performance addition to our product line.  

This model is all about Speed, Agility, and just Fast !!  Notice the slightly different shape, the sawed-off wing tips.  This allows for smooth, and fast reverse.  This model flies 60- 0 mph in 1 second.

Complete pkg includes Kite, Handles, 150 lb x 85 ft Lines.

---------------- Wind Range: 4-20 mph Wing Span: 91" Frame: 3-wrap w/ 7/16" Super Leading Edge (includes 3 free spars)