Prism Kite Spare Parts - NEXUS


*Please note before ordering We are not able to ship single rods or tubes as they could break in transit. Please make sure your order either has multiple rods of any type or the rods. Can also be shipped with a framed kite for protection.


Frame Repair The carbon spars in your kite won't fatigue with use, but occasionally you may break one learning new tricks or pushing the limits in high winds. Replacing a spar is quick and easy and many pilots carry a few extras when traveling just in case.

If you need a quick reference for the name of the part you need, download our spare part names guide in the photo. When removing a broken spar, handle it carefully to avoid getting sharp carbon or fiberglass splinters in your hands. As you install the new one, check that fittings and bridles are symmetrical with the other side so your kite stays properly balanced.