Naish Smart Loop

By Naish

Naish Smart Loop Technology: Naish's patented push away system is quickly becoming an industry standard and the Naish Smart Loop is the standard by which all push away systems are measured.   The 45mm handle on the Naish Smart Loop allows easy and efficient release in all situations. The system is the only one on the market that integrates a simple "below the bar" trim system that is easy to reach and operate.   The open design of the handle and internal teeth allows water to flush through and maintain a smooth reliable release in all conditions.   All of the features on the Naish Smart Loop allow the ride to focus on the kiting experience rather than worrying about an overly complicated release system. Release Handle: Compact 45mm Release Handle can be pushed away with minimum effort to release the kite to safety.   Sheeting Cleat: Sheeting system is integrated into the release handle for an easy reach.   Auto Sand / Debris Flushing: Cleaning teeth ensure positive release in all conditions.   Stainless Steel Pulley: A lightweight and easy to clean stainless steel pulley.   Trim Line: New lighter weight trim line for unhooked riding.   Rotating Chicken Finger: Strong rotating Chicken Lock Finger to ensure you stay locked in when needed.   Auto Orientating Chicken Loop: Keeps the chicken loop facing the rider for an easy hook-in.