Kite Line Wax


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Primelines creates smooth lubricated lines. PROTECTED LINES FEEL AMAZING, TANGLE LESS AND LAST LONGER. It is made honestly through innovation, trial, and testing. Has created a maintenance product that encourages line inspection, protection, and care. It is a LIQUID WAX TREATMENT PROTECTION FOR YOUR FLYING LINES AND DEPOWERS ROPES WITH UNNECESSARY DAMAGE.

IT CAN LAST A WHOLE SEASON REDUCING FRICTION AND EXTENDING THE LIFE OF YOUR LINES. Using the applicator you can coat a full set of lines, or simply use prime lines on the high-wear areas of your lines.

The formula was designed in an industrial laboratory and tested by KITESURFERS. The key drivers in this process were ease of use, reliability, and durability.


  • Enjoy tangle free lines
  • Lines remain like new
  • No more hassle replacing line sets
  • One bottle coats 4 line sets (approx 400m)