Hillbilly Impact Shorts, Small

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Closed cell EVA foam
    Hard shell plastics for heavy duty protection for tailbone
    Impact pads fit under your clothing and keep you safe from falls and spills
    Offers the ultimate in hip protection


Elastic will stretch out an additional 3 – 4”inches easily.

These legendary Hillbilly Protection Impact Shorts are worn by some of the best (and worst!) riders in the world because they provide the ultimate in hip and tailbone protection.

Great hip and tailbone protection for all action sports including skateboarding, longboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking.
    Features lightweight 8mm EVA foam padding, hard shell plastic tail bone protector, and breathable mesh fabric.
    Drawstring for extra secure fit.
    Sizing Chart: Extra Small = 24"-28" waist, Small = 29-34" waist, Medium = 35-39" waist, Large = 40"-44" waist
    Recommended fit should be snug to prevent pads from moving upon impact.

- Closed Cell EVA Foam; Absorbs Impact in all the right places
- Hard Shell Plastic and foam; Heavy Doody Protection for Tailbone
- Lycra Mesh; Lets your privates breathe
- BillyTech Polymer Reinforced foam; Heavy Doody Protection for the Hips
- Easy Access Fly
- Drawstring and Elastic Waistband

CARE: Hand Wash Only

6%  S
40% EVA Foam
4% Rubber
5% PE