Duotone EVO SLS 10m (Used)

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By Naish

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Very good condition with less than a seasons use.

Kite comes without a bar. 

The Duotone Evo SLS Kite 2020/2021 


The Duotone Evo has been in the Duotone line up for many years now, and in the constant search for improvement, it has become the best performing kite across all disciplines.

New for 2021 in the revolutionary SLS construction: 

Meet the 2021 Duotone Evo SLS kite, a kite for the experienced, ambitious and enthusiastic kiter, who will be surprised by its flying and handling characteristics. The new benchmark in performance and handling.

SLS stands for Strong Light Superior, it’s the quest for perfection, and it incorporates new technologies, construction materials and techniques everywhere you see the SLS logo. The 2021 Duotone Evo SLS sets a new standard for versatility, it’s perfect for boosting huge airs, riding waves and tricking out some freestyle moves. If you just want to cruise then don’t worry, it’s ideal for that and also works really well for foiling!