2021 North Free Surf Strap Set


2021 North Free Surf Strap Set ─ SURF / FOIL STRAPS Experience instant planing in full comfort with our lightweight memory foam surf straps. The Free straps allow you to customise your fit and stance, giving you freedom to move and blast in any conditions. FEATURES KNITFLEX COMFORT lightweight neoprene bonded with pre-shaped dual density memory foam and contoured for maximum comfort. Stitch free lining means no rubbing or pressure points. CENTERED STRAP CONFIGURATION allows entry from either rail, for switching stance.  FREEDOM WITHIN THE FOOTSTRAP Tighten attachment screws firmly for a more locked-in feeling, or back the screws off slightly for more movement and a looser feel when riding.  MICRO STRAP ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITIES Asymmetric strap washers allow you to customise your fit. Simply rotate the washer 180 degrees to loosen or tighten the strap without repositioning. LIGHTWEIGHT MINIMALIST DESIGN less is more. RANGE OF FOOT STRAP POSITION including wide stance for increased control when surfing, through to a narrower, more locked in freeride stance. Recommended with: Charge Surfboard Cross Surfboard Chase Foilboard Includes: Standard Foot Strap, Asymmetric Footstrap, 3x Single Washers, 1x Double Washer, 5x 6.3x22mm Screws