2020 North CROSS Surfboard

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2020 North CROSS Surfboard - FREERIDE SURF

It carves, it jumps, it pops. The Cross is your everyday go-to, the ultimate all-rounder, instantly familiar, intuitive and easy to ride. Created to max your playtime in an ever-changing surf playground, ride real-world onshore wind conditions, flat water and chop. This versatile board can also freestyle with the best of them and blends the line effortlessly between disciplines. Instant speed and drive when needed, with a comfortable stance.

Generous volume and width gives a fun, forgiving ride, delivers effortless upwind speed and provides powerful pop for freestyle tricks. Featuring grabbable rails on the top deck for easy air-handling and cushy contoured deck pads for enhanced control. Fully express yourself in wave and freestyle riding. Make every moment count.


  • LOW FLAT SKATE ROCKER Gives instant speed and drive off the back foot for optimal upwind performance.
  • CUSHY DECK PADS with front and rear kicks for maximum comfort and control
  • FOOT STRAP OPTIONS for when conditions get challenging, locking the rider into a comfortable stance for control in high winds or large waves.
  • CONCAVE DECK CONTOURS embed the rider into the deck of the board, enhancing control when powered up and adding another dimension for contact in the air.
  • COMPACT SURF OUTLINE with trimmed nose shape to reduce length and weight for easy travel.
  • GRABBABLE RAILS on the top deck for easy handling in the air and on the beach.


  • Integrated Fin Boxes FCSI & FCSII compatible
  • North Hexcel Coremat Finset
  • Footstrap inserts for a range of positions. *Straps sold separately.

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