2020 North ATMOS Carbon Twintip Kiteboard

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2020 North ATMOS Carbon Twintip Kiteboard ─ PERFORMANCE FREERIDE / BIG AIR

Master-crafted by our skilled engineers, who have carefully positioned the full carbon laminate layup to provide a dynamic and responsive ride, with well balanced torsional stiffness and flex. The harmony created between outline, rocker and flex makes this the ultimate all-terrain board for progressing your Freeride to even higher levels. Designed to ride overpowered with ease and control, yet still enabling early planing and low-end performance. Reach Earth's atmosphere with the Atmos Carbon Series, a high-performance freeride board for excessive boosting, looping and soft landings.


  • REFINED CARBON LAMINATE LAYUP for higher performance. Thoughtfully selected and arranged combination of woven roving and biaxial carbon fibre fabrics and unidirectional reinforcements produces a dynamic ride with precision flex and response.
  • GRAB RAIL integrated into deck shape to provide easy grip for board-offs.
  • MEDIUM-HIGH OUTLINE CURVE delivers easy carving through turns and always provides optimised grip.
  • MEDIUM ROCKER allows for early planing and great low-end performance with balanced flex pattern for rapid response and explosive pop.
  • SINGLE CONCAVE CENTRE TO QUAD CHANNEL TIPS absorbs impact and ensures stable and predictable landings.
  • DYNAMIC BOARD FLEX allows you to ride in comfort, with precise edge control for carving


  • 4 x 40mm Composite Fins
  • 4 x Washers
  • 10 x M6x16mm screws
  • 1x TwinTip Handle. *Bindings sold separately

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